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About Our Family

The Mom and Dad


This is where the Filler Boys story all started.  Mommy and Daddy met up online and then met up in the Marsh parking lot and headed out on their first date.  Evan and I wonder if they’ll allow us to do crazy stuff like that when we grow up and we’re pretty sure the answer is no right now:)  Mommy and Daddy were married a couple of years and decided that they were ready to expand our family and in just a short time we became the Filler Family of Four!

First Addition


Yeah, it’s my turn.  I’m Levi.  I’m one of the most adventurous little boys you’ll ever meet.  I like to take train rides and trips to the moon with anyone willing to come along for the ride.  Just yesterday Mommy and I finally got to go inside the castle house on 5th street and  I had a blast exploring and even found a room upstairs with a treasure chest.  I always know how to have a good time and find great adventures to explore.  Many of those adventures also include my sidekick Evan.

Little Brother


Why is it that the youngest mostly has to go last??  I am last in this post because Mommy saved the best for last:)  Shortly after Levi started growing up Mommy and Daddy decided he needed a brother or sister and that’s how I came into the picture.  I have been providing Levi with a buddy for almost 2 years now.  We have so much fun together and many times get into trouble together, but I promise you it’s all in the name of being a good little brother!


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  1. Sara, this is sooo cute! I am going to enjoy reading your blog!!!

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