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Fall Fun

Time has been flying since our family has been in our back to school schedule. This year back to school meant new schools for us and Mommy too. We spent a lot of time getting Mommy moved into her school in August and then Evan and I started our new preschool as you already know. We can’t believe that it’s mid October already. We have been having fun at our new school and spending lots of time with Grandma Emma. We go to her house everyday and she takes us to preschool and on the days that Mommy has early meetings Grandma comes to our house. Evan is always up before she gets here, but I like to sleep in a little later than he does, but I like waking up and finding Grandma out in the living room waiting on me. Since it’s been busy, busy, busy getting back into school schedule mode, we have been very good about making Saturdays our Filler Family Fun Day. We have been to the Indianapolis Children’s Museum, Jacobs Orchard, One Fun Farm, and we’ve gotten to spend some time with Pa and Grandma Filler. Take a look at some of the fun we’ve been having:

While we were in the Hot Wheels exhibit room they were having a special program in their design studio and when the worker opened the door to the design studio Mommy talked us into going in and checking it out. We almost lost interest when she kept talking about how the designers make the cars and how they get inspiration for them. Mommy kept saying just wait a little longer and then we found out we got to design our very own hot wheels cars of our own!

After the real designers make a new car they have to test them out so that’s what we got to do also. We got to test them out on some Hot Wheels Wall Tracks and then after we tested them and made sure they worked we even got our very own boxes to put them in just like they have at the store.

We had a great day at One Fun Farm playing, but to top off the fun day we really had fun watching Daddy do the zip line. Poor Evan really had a hard time watching because he kept trying to tell Daddy and Mommy while Daddy was getting ready that he was big. Yes, Evan you are a big boy, but you’ve got a long way to the 70 pound minimum weight requirement buddy! When Daddy started down the zip line, Evan and I tried to run to catch him, but Evan stopped and said he was too tired and I ran out of fuel and I needed some more food before I could run any farther!


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