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Bad News

Thursday while playing outside at Grandma’s I went to get on a car that you ride down a ramp and fell trying to get on. We didn’t realize at the time, but I fractured my arm in two places on that fall. Daddy came to pick me up right after it happened and Grandma gave me an ice pack to take home with me. Later that evening I was feeling a lot better and playing as usual and even went on a bike ride. Mommy and Daddy decided that I must have just bruised or sprained my wrist. Friday, we went back to Grandma’s house for most of the day, but we got to go to the daycare for just about an hour and half that afternoon because Grandma and Pa were going out of town. While at the daycare playing in the gym, Evan had a big truck and he ran into my same arm that was bothering me. I cried quite a bit at the daycare and some at home. That evening again I was feeling much better, so Mommy and Daddy decided to keep a close eye on me on Saturday. We got up early and headed to New Castle to our favorite barber shop to get haircuts. I even told the barber about falling and he said my girlfriend must have been chasing me and that’s why I fell. I wasn’t sure quite what to make of that one. After the haircuts we had pancakes at McDonalds and played. While we were there Mommy and Daddy realized I was babying my arm a lot and wasn’t using it at all and they decided we better go have it checked out. We drove to Muncie and dropped Evan off with Grandma and Pa Filler and then went to the ER. When we got out I asked Mommy where we were and she said we were at the hospital. I told her I didn’t like hospitals and I took a quick look around and said wow, we are in Lynley’s town! After I got some change to throw in the fountain the hospital didn’t seem so bad after all. We got all checked in and were surprised that we were the only people there so we got right into a room. After we told a bunch of people about me falling they decided they needed to take some pictures of my arm to make sure it was ok. It had just a little bit of swelling, but when the nurses and Dr. touched on my arm I did’t say anything about it hurting at all. The Dr. wanted me to move my hand up and down and I didn’t want to do that so I told her that wasn’t going to work! All of us still thought that I just had a sprain, especially when Mommy said I used that hand to throw my money in the fountain! We all still wish that was the truth, but before long the Dr. came in and said that she saw two fractures on my x-rays. She quickly had the tech come back in and splint my arm and wrap it up. Again I never complained about anything and I sat really still while he put it on. The bad thing about going to the ER on a holiday weekend meant that we had to wait until Tuesday to get my cast put on. Mommy took the day off school and Grandma Filler came and sat with us at Central Indiana Orthopedics. Grandma Hale kept Evan at her house. We got there bright and early at 8 when they opened for their walk in clinic. We still had to wait a little bit, but we were only the 2nd patient in line to see Dr. Hunt. We actually got to see 2 Drs. because Dr. Howard the resident was working with him today also. They both were very impressed with my skills on Daddy’s tablet. I even showed them my picture of my x-ray on there. After a little bit of talking with both of them, they said that I would have to have a cast put on and wear it for 5-6 weeks. The only cool thing about a cast is that it helps your bones get fixed. And I guess it’s a little bit cool that you get to pick the color that you want. This time I picked the light blue. I sat very still and held my arm just the way the lady told me to. She was very nice and I even told her all about my fish. Since I liked fish she went to find me a special aquarium sticker. I was very happy when she showed it to me. After we left the Dr. office Mommy and I went for a special treat at Concannons. My dinosaurs even got to come inside and sit on the table and watch. One of the ladies that works there came over and I told her about my dinosaurs and she asked if they liked donuts! You would think that I would have completely been full after some donut holes, but we went to see Daddy at work and then went to eat lunch with him at Wendy’s and I ate almost all of my kids meal. The rest of the afternoon we’ve just been hanging out at home and watching dinosaur videos on youtube. I also like to watch Pink Panther and Tom and Jerry on there.
When Daddy came home he had a little bit of a surprise for me. He usually picks us up at Grandma’s then when we get home we go on a bike ride while we wait for Mommy to get home. Well Daddy said that he would let me ride in the bike trailer because I can’t ride my bike.


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