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A Few of our Favorites

Sit back, relax, and take in some more of our vacation pictures and enjoy a few of our favorite parts of our week in Florida.
One thing that was fun for Evan and I was that most of the kids that played in the kiddie pool would share their toys that they brought. We played with some kids and their squirt guns one day, another day a Mom let us try on their water wings to see if we liked them before we bought some of our own, and also another little boy let us play with his balls he had that soak up water. Everyone that played with us was really nice, but I think being at the ocean makes everyone in a good sharing mood:)

Another favorite of our trip was getting to swim with Pawpaw and Grandma Emma. We have never been swimming with them before and we had a lot of fun with them. Pawpaw would take us for rides in the big pool. He was a lot of fun to swim with. We also had a lot of fun in the pool with Grandma. She would sit on the steps (our favorite hang out) and play with us.

This is a picture of the back of our hotel. We LOVED this place. Best hotel we’ve ever stayed in.

These are some pictures of Mommy and Levi time on the beach. We would usually start at the beach everyday and I loved to stay there for a long time playing in the sand and water, but Evan would get tired of it and want to go to the pool. We could always tell he was ready for pool time because he would start walking towards the pool and then wait for someone to follow him. Everyone took turns staying and playing with me at the beach and turns playing the in the pool with Evan. Don’t worry I didn’t miss pool time, I would tire out too and head up to the pool decks to see what Evan was up to.

The place where Evan is sitting is in front of one of the grown ups favorites of our trip. Mommy said it was the best bbq place she had ever been to. It’s called Sonny’s real pit bbq. If you ever see one and you like bbq you have to stop. Of course the grown ups had bbq, but I really loved their hamburger and corn on the cob. Evan had some mac and cheese and little bits of other foods like he always does. After we left Evan wanted to sit on their bench and Mommy got this cute picture of him.

You can’t go on vacation in sunny Florida without having some ice cream. We found the perfect place, Sonic. We love to go to Sonics when we are on vacation because we don’t have one close to home anymore. They did the coolest thing for Evan and I. They made us ice cream cones and then put them inside these dishes so we could lick them or eat them with a spoon. Don’t let the grown ups fool you, they LOVE this place too! Mommy had Strawberry Limeaides 2 times while we were in Florida and that’s just fine with us because that meant more ice cream. They also have blue slushies that are perfect for kids too.

This picture may seem a little out of place here after talking about food, but this is the end of our vacation pictures and this picture happened at the end of the day. Daddy would put Evan to bed in our hotel room and Mommy and I would go find adventures around the hotel to let Evan have some quiet time. This night Pawpaw and Grandma were out on the pool deck so we stopped to visit with them for a while. Pawpaw and I were watching the ocean waves when I leaned over and gave him a hug and a kiss and kept my arm around him. We loved our vacation and we hope to be able to go on another one next year.


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