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The Cool House

We got to go someplace really special last week, but before we went to the really special place we went to some really special people’s cool house. The house we went to is Uncle Brian, Aunt Bailey, and Corbin’s house. It takes a really long time in the car to get all the way to their house in Chattanooga, TN. Really long car rides like that mean that Evan and I take turns picking movies on Daddy’s tablet, we make lots of little stops for going to the bathroom and getting gas and snacks, and we entertain ourselves with lots of monster trucks, cars, and our Leapster Explorer games. We only had a couple melt downs when the trip was nearing the end. The long ride in the car had a very cool end when we finally got to their house and got in to see everyone. We really loved hugging our cousin Corbin. He’s a really cute baby and we made sure to tell him lots of times how cute he is. We also loved giving him his toys and checking out some of his books. He makes lots of fun faces and he really loved watching us play and run around. We had so much fun visiting that we stopped there on the way to our really special place and on the way back home also. Here are some pictures from our time in TN.

Watch for a cool video tomorrow of our really special second stop on our vacation.


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