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Bet you’re wondering what in the world the title Kooka means. Well Kooka is now a part of our family, he’s our new fish! He is my new best friend. I talk to him, feed him and tell him goodnight every night. I check on him first thing in the morning when I get up and make sure the light goes on in his tank. He’s a blue and red fish with a big fin that swishes in the water when he moves. I got to get him by getting 30 stickers on my sticker chart. I get stickers when I listen and help at home. It took me quite a while to save up that many stickers, but Friday night I finally got the last one so Saturday the four of us made a trip to Pet Smart to pick out Kooka. I wanted to name my fish Mommy, Daddy, Evan, or Lynley, but Mommy said we needed a new name and that’s why I came up with the name Kooka. I can’t wait until people come to our house to get to meet him. Tomorrow I’m excited to get up and find Grandma Emma here so she can see him.


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