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Movin’ On Up by Evan

I have recently moved up into an older kids class at my school. I am now in the 3 year old class and that makes me really happy. I am back in Miss Jenn’s class and I’m so glad because I really love her. She was my first teacher at my school until she moved up with the 3 year olds. While I was waiting to be an almost 3 year old boy I spent some time with some toddlers and 2 year olds and I really missed Miss Jenn. Mommy and Daddy really like Miss Jenn too. She’s getting closer and closer to having me potty trained. I am doing pretty well at my school wearing my Thomas and Lightning McQueen underwear, but at home I just don’t have a lot of time for that stuff when there’s so many other things to do.
I come up with a lot of good ideas of things to do these days, just like this tunnel. If you put the tunnel on Mommy or Daddy’s lap you can pretend it’s a slide and I bet you can tell from the look on my face, it was quite a bit of fun and I may have thrown a bit of a fit when Daddy said that I couldn’t do it anymore. I think you’re going to be hearing from me on this blog quite a bit more soon because I’m becoming a big boy just like Levi.


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