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Big Saturday

Every Saturday is a good day for our family to be together, but today was even bigger than usual. We all headed out this morning for New Castle and all 3 boys got haircuts at our favorite barber shop. We had to wait for a little bit for it to be our turn and that was a great thing because there were 2 boys there about Evan and I’s ages that we played with for a little bit. The best thing was they got their hair cuts before we did and the older boy got a very cool haircut. After we saw his and he got it spiked up in the front a little bit I decided I wanted that hair cut too. I got to get up in my favorite barber’s chair and take my turn first. His name is Rod. Mommy told me we wanted the same haircut the other little boy had so he got to work on my hair and we had a great conversation all about how I was 4 years old and I love waffles and pancakes. I told him about how you make your own pancakes to eat. Once he got done with my hair he said you know what we call this hair cut? I said no, I don’t think so and then he said it was called the chick magnet. Everyone who was waiting had been very entertained by our conversation up to this point, but that really got everyone laughing and Rod said that I was a handsome looking boy with the cut and I thought it would be great to let him know that I was awesome too! In the middle of me getting my haircut Daddy and Evan were both called for theirs and I kept a close eye on Evan and let everyone know what a good job he was doing and Daddy as well. We had a great time at the barber shop as usual. When we left there we went across the street and got some Lee’s Chicken and took it to Grandma and Grandpa Hale’s house on the way home. We spent a lot of time there and then Evan and I got really tired so Mommy and Daddy tried to get us to sleep by taking us on a long drive, but it did not work:) We ended up with DQ ice cream instead of a nap in the car, who could argue with that one! Evan was protesting going anywhere else and demanding we go back home, so we headed home and spent time playing together the rest of the evening. Then the really big part of our day happened. Evan sat on the potty chair and went potty for the first time tonight! He was so excited and all of us clapped and cheered for him. He kept saying I did it, I did it. We are all so very proud of him. What a perfect end to a perfect Filler Family Saturday.


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