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There’s a First Time for Everything

This was an amazing weekend all around. It started out with an earlier than normal Saturday for our family. Both Filler boys were up and at em early for some Saturday fun. Grandma Hale came by to pick up Evan for some special time with her and Grandpa Hale first. Then a few minutes later Lynley, Aunt Sabra, and Grandma Filler came up to our door. Mommy told me today was the day for the movie. I hadn’t been to the movie theater before. Sometimes I don’t like things that are really loud so we found a theater that does a special lower sound just for kids in Noblesville. We all headed out for the movie the Lorax. I was so happy I got to ride in the backseat of Grandma’s car with Lynley. We had a great time talking in the car and planning out the rest of our day since we don’t get to see each other much. Once we got to the theater we found some seats and got some snacks. I only ate a little of my popcorn and Mommy was surprised until Daddy told her that while she was finishing getting ready I had 4 waffles! I was very excited for the movie to start and I kept asking is the movie almost on yet?

Once the movie started I was all eyes and ears. I watched some of the movie on Mommy’s lap, Daddy’s lap, Aunt Sabra’s lap, Grandma’s lap, and some in my seat beside Lynley. The movie was awesome and my favorite part is when they plant the seed. Once the movie was over I jumped up and down over and over saying it was awesome, it was awesome. The fun did not stop there either. We got to all have lunch together at Red Robin and then Lynley and I’s plan of going to her house came through. We all headed to Muncie for a little time to play. We got to see Myla too!

I was so happy to be at Lynley’s house finally that when it was time to go neither of us were happy. Lynley tried to find a way to get us to stay, but the grownups weren’t playing along this time:( In the car Mommy said I had a sad face and I told her it was because of leaving Lynley.


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