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Big Birthday Adventure

Wowee, who knew that when Lynley I turned 4, we would go on such a big adventure together to celebrate.  Today was Lynley’s Birthday and mine was 11 days ago, and we celebrated BIG today!  This morning Grandma, Pa, Lynley, and I rode in one car and Sabra, Mommy, Myla, and Evan rode in another car all the way to Indy for what I call Big Birthday Adventure day.  Our first stop was the Castleton Mall Build a Bear Shop.  I chose to make a dog.  Guess what his name is……..I bet you’d never guess in a million years so I’ll go ahead and tell you: his name is Dog!!  It was so much fun to push the special buttons with your foot to put in the stuffing and give him a bath.  I also got to pick out a sound to put inside and it plays the song Who Let the Dogs Out!  It doesn’t stop there, because the next thing I got to do was to pick out an outfit for my dog.  They have an entire wall of outfits, but I immediately saw they had a Lightning McQueen outfit and slippers to match.  We then headed to the computer to get him registered and print his birth certificate.  He is all mine and he gets to live at our house now.  Evan was not so much wanting to make an animal, he just wanted out of the store to walk around the mall because he loved not having to be in a stroller.  After Build A Bear was done we went to eat at Johnny Rockets.  They have some really great food and the waiters and waitresses came out and danced.  Our day certainly didn’t stop there.  After that we went to play a few hours worth of games at Chuck E. Cheese.  You would think after all those stops we would be really tired, but then we heard something about driving back to Anderson to go to Good’s Icecream shop and we decided that was a great idea.  Evan wasn’t so sure about leaving Chuck E. Cheese, but when he heard the word ice cream he left without a hassle!  After some really yummy ice cream it was time to head home.  We played at our house with Lynley for a little bit and then they headed back to Muncie.  This was the Best Big Birthday Adventure.  I think the grown ups are going to have a hard time topping this one!



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