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BIG Changes for Big Boys

I have been hearing about getting a new bed for quite a while now.  Mommy kept telling me about a bed that I would be getting that was for big boys.  She said that it had a bed on top and another bed on bottom.  I kept reminding her that I didn’t need it and that I needed my bed.  We went on like that for quite a while.  Mommy told me that Evan could sleep on the bottom part and maybe sometime Lynley would spend the night and she could sleep on the bottom part.  I think that’s what finally got me used to the idea:)  Once I was ready for the new bed Mommy told Daddy we better head to the bed store where Mommy found the special bed with a top and a bottom.  I was so excited once I saw the bed.  Mommy even let me sit on the one at the store and then Evan got to try it out too.  After we went to the store and got it ordered that meant we had to go through my room and get it all cleaned out and ready for the guys to come with their truck and deliver it.  We got rid of some things in my room that I don’t need anymore since I’m growing up.  This is what my bed looked like on the last night.  Mommy was really happy about getting my room all clean and organized, but seeing my crib mattress like this was a little sad for her!



Before I knew it, two guys were here with a big truck and used lots of tools to put the new bed together.   As soon as they left in their truck I was very excited to go check out the new bed and see what it was like!  I’ll let you look at this next picture and you’ll know right away how I feel about this change.


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