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The Rest of the Story

I really wish the story stopped there and I just got to keep the nice big bandage on my leg with the splint, but alas another day means another Dr. appointment for me lately.  Well Monday we headed to Muncie again.  I had to go to Central Indiana Orthopedics.  On the way Mommy said another Dr. would be looking at my leg and checking it out.  Long story made short this time, she didn’t think anything was initially wrong with me either.  Again I like to make the doctors work and keep them guessing.  Again when asked where my leg hurt, I pointed to the same scratch on my foot.  But then just to add something new when she pushed in the middle of my shin I kept saying ow ow ow really loudly.  She was a really fun Dr.  who kept asking me about tickling off and on at other spots, but that spot on my shin really got a loud ow instead of a laugh.  I really confused her though when she went up and down my other leg and I gave her a bunch of ows there too!  At that point she said to Mommy and Daddy well I’m not sure he’s got both legs hurting today guys!  So, she said we would need another set of x-rays.  See she could see the ones that were taken at Ball Hospital, but not the ones from Saint Johns.  Mommy and Daddy both were getting really impatient and a little annoyed at this point.  Sooooo, Mommy said well that will be his 3rd set of x-rays then.  She didn’t know that we had been to the ER 2 times.  Mommy also told her that I was never a faker and that I always took a bump or a fall and kept on moving.  This whole time talking my splint was off and I was back to babying my leg.  The Dr. left the room and came back in and showed us some more of the pictures of my foot from Sunday and said that since you could see the hairline fracture on two of the x-rays and from different angles, they would treat this as a break with a cast.  I had no idea what this meant, but while she was out of the room I told Mommy that I didn’t want her to come back and that I just needed my leg fixed!  I guess I was getting really impatient and annoyed right along with them.  All this meant that we had to head down to another room in my wheelchair they had for me there.  The other room had another bed for me to get up on.  This time Daddy sat right next to me and held onto my side the whole time the new lady Kim put my cast on.  She was very good with me and said she’s used to seeing a lot of kids.  She even had a race car scrub shirt on that I really liked.  She wrapped this white stuff all around my foot and leg and told what it would do and what it was called.  Next came the fun part.  She brought out a stick with 12 colors wrapped around it and told me I got to pick what color I wanted to be wrapped over the white part.  I didn’t even have to think about it, I immediately pointed to the dark blue.  I told her that was just like Thomas the Tank Engine of course.  She told me not to touch the blue until it was dry because I didn’t have special gloves on just like her.  She told Mommy and Daddy how to take care of the cast at home and many many many times over and over to NOT get it wet.  If we get it wet everyone over there kept saying we would have to come back.  I’ll be careful because even though they were really nice, I really don’t want to go and have another one put on.  After the cast was all on and dry, I got some more goodies to take home.  Kim gave me a special marker that people can sign my cast with and some more stickers.  Then it was finally time to go.  I sure hope that this cast means I don’t have to go back to the Dr. for awhile.


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