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Not the Best

You might want to sit back and get comfy because this is gonna be a long one from Levi today.  I have had some not so fun adventures the past few days to update you about.  It all started Saturday night when I wanted some more strawberries.  I ran into the kitchen to get them and slipped on a blanket that was on the floor.  I screamed and cried a little bit and boy did Mommy and Daddy sure run in from the living room really quick.  If you know me, you know I don’t let a little fall get in my way and I sure wouldn’t let it get in the way of my strawberries.  I calmed down so quickly at first my parents thought that I just got really scared when I fell and that I was ok.  About an hour later at bedtime it really started hurting again, but I wasn’t crying so I went on to bed.  Well at 11:00 p.m.  I woke and needed to go to the bathroom.  When Daddy came in to check on me, I told him that my leg was hurting really badly and I was screaming and crying and saying that I couldn’t walk.  After I went to the bathroom Mommy called Papaw Emma to come over and sit at our house while Evan kept on sleeping and Mommy and Daddy took me to the ER.  I really didn’t know where that was.   Mommy told me that a Dr. was going to check my leg out.  At that point I really didn’t want to go, but when strapped into a car seat at the age of 3 you really don’t have many options.  Thankfully Mommy and Daddy grabbed Evan’s Thomas backpack and put some trains in it for me.  Mommy also let me use Evan’s blanket that was in the car.  It was very comforting for me and I used it to wrap and cover my sore leg.  It wasn’t too long of a ride and we were at St. John’s Hospital ER.  We got signed in and I got some really cool bracelets to wear.  I really liked my red one especially and Mommy told me that Aunt Sabra had one just like it when we visited her in the hospital too!  Next the lady at their front desk told me she needed to weigh me.  I did my best on their scale, but my leg was really hurting.  She also took my blood pressure.  They had a little band around my arm that got really tight.  I loved watching the screen while the numbers went up.  After my temperature was taken we went back to a room with another lady.  Oh, I forgot to tell you that I got to do all that while riding in the black stroller.   Once we got into the room Mommy held me on her lap in the big hospital bed.  The new lady in there was very nice and she even brought me some medicine to help with my hurt leg.  By this time it was about midnight and I was really, really tired.  Even with being very tired, I never cried there even one time!!  After that lady checked me out another lady came in.  Everyone kept asking me that same question over and over and I was really just trying to take a nap on Mommy, but they wouldn’t stop talking and it was too bright in there to sleep!  I just kept digging my head into Mommy’s shoulder.  We soon found out that I would have to go to another room for an x-ray and would you believe it that meant more ladies fussing over me.  After they realized I wouldn’t be going to the x-ray room without Mommy the lady said no problem and she did something to our bed and it had wheels on it and she pushed us over to the room with the big camera.  This lady was really, really nice to me.  She knew that I wanted to know all about her big machine and she told me about how it was going to have a light and I needed to hold my leg still when the light came on so the machine could take pictures.  I did all of those things that they told me to do for the pictures and then saw another lady who was the Dr.  That Dr. wasn’t really happy with me because when she said to tell her where it hurt, I just kept pointing to a scratch on the side of my toe.  She said that there was nothing on the x-ray and that I was fine.  She did check that scratch with a big tool like my Uncle Brian has at his work to see if I had a splinter.  There wasn’t anything in there, so we got to go home still wondering what was wrong with me.  Mommy told me in the car that we were going home to go to bed.  I don’t think I’ve ever stayed up that late before:)  Next time I vote for doing something a little more fun than the ER in the wee hours of the morning, Ok???

We all really wished the story stopped there, but the next Morning when I woke up I yelled for help because I still couldn’t walk.  I wanted the same blanket to wrap around my leg too.  Daddy took me to the bathroom and then put me out on the couch.  I wanted to sit in the recliner with Mommy so Mommy said I needed to try to come to her and when I stood up and put weight on my right leg I fell to the side.  That’s what started the thoughts of going to the Dr. AGAIN.  Mommy called Dr. Hughes’ answering service and they said that I needed to get re-evaluated at the ER again.  So this time we headed to Ball Hospital ER.  Evan went with Mamaw and Papaw Emma for the day.  If you thought oh no here come more ladies for Levi, you certainly guessed right.  There were 3 ladies at the front desk, another one who took my BP and temperature again.  This blood pressure cuff had polka dots on it and I thought that was really cool.  So then we headed to a room with a bed in it again.  Same drill, Mommy and I on the bed only this time Daddy had Grandma and Pa Filler come in also.  That was a lot of fun.  There was a Gaither cartoon on t.v. that kept my attention until the people started coming in.   Daddy and Mommy had to talk with other ladies and guess what this Dr. was a lady too!  I still couldn’t really tell them exactly where my leg or foot hurt, so that wasn’t very helpful.  I ended up having to have more x-rays done, but this time they brought the camera into the room for them.  I wasn’t really happy about doing this again with my sore leg, but I did it with a little whining this time.  Still being a very big boy about it:)  This Dr. didn’t really see anything either, but then she called another Dr. and they said I had a hairline fracture and that they would splint and wrap my leg.  After that I felt so much better.  Also big surprise a man came in to do that one.  I was so surprised that while he was fixing my really big wrap on my leg I said oh what’s his name.  He was super nice and wrapped my leg really careful and then gave me some coloring books, and stickers.  The coloring book was about another kid going to the hospital just like me.  Thankfully once he got done, we waited for the papers that say you can go home and then we left.  We had a great lunch all together at Texas Roadhouse.  The rolls and butter really made me feel better.  I’ll leave you with some pictures of my splinted leg and then I’ll have to fill you in on another post about what happened the next day!






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