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Saturday, after having a wonderful visit with Lynley, Sabra, Grandma and Pa we rushed to Concannons to see if we could make it there before they were closed.  Levi really wanted a donut from the donut shop.  When we walked in and saw that the cases were completely empty he was not very happy and was about to cry.  It took a bit, but he was finally convinced to try their popcorn.  In the process of Daddy trying to get both of the boys to decide what kind to get Levi decided he didn’t want any at all, but Evan pulled all the tubs of rainbow popcorn he could off the popcorn sale table.  The ladies thought Evan was so cute that they insisted we take both types of popcorn for the price of one.  As you can see Evan truly enjoyed the rainbow popcorn until he spilled the whole tub in Mommy’s car.  If you’re wondering what the red line is down his arm, that’s a stain from the popsicle he had earlier that day:)  Levi and Daddy thankfully headed into Marsh and he got 3 yeast donuts in there and ate 2 of them in the car and wanted the 3rd, but this horrible Mommy said that was enough!  


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