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Please, Thank You, and Ronald Too

Wednesday was a first for Mommy and Levi.  Levi had his first field trip with his new preschool class.  We went to eat and play at McDonalds.  In their class they had been working on manners so at McDonalds they had to eat and play practicing their manners.  Levi was so excited about riding in the van he talked all the way there.  Mommy got to ride in the van too since there weren’t any other parents going and 2 kids were absent.  Levi had his trusty back pocket map to make sure we turned all the right ways and didn’t get lost on the way.  We had a lot of fun playing and eating together with all the other kids and Miss Stacey and Miss Tammy.  After we ate and played it was time to head back to the church.  Levi was disapointed he didn’t get to stay at the daycare with Pawpaw this time, but he got to go see some really cool cars at the car dealership with Mommy and Daddy.                                  


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  1. love this, thanks so much for doing it. It is so exciting to look into his eyes and your eyes and see the wonder.

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