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First Sleepover

We had a blast having our cousin Lynley over for a sleepover.  When you have a partner in crime sleeping over oh the ways you can make your bedtime stretch and stretch.  Mommy and Daddy started out getting us ready for bed at 9:00, but we thought that was waaaay too early.  We both took turns saying that we needed to get up to potty and you know when one has to go the other has to go too:)  That lasted for a little while, then we needed milk so that was another time up.  After that what do you know we both had to potty AGAIN.  Then Lynley realized she left her bunny at home that she wanted to sleep with.  Mommy and Daddy got all our stuffed animals and had her pick from those.  As soon as that was settled and Lynley had something to sleep with she went to sleep and Levi soon followed.  That was at 11:45.  Good thing Mommy was amused with us coming up with ideas to get out of going to sleep right away.  The last time we were up Daddy came back to tell us to go to sleep and he didn’t quite as amused!  Saturday we got up and helped Mommy mix up the batter for muffins.  Lynley thought they were really good with butter on them.  After the muffins we got dressed and headed to Daleville to check out a festival.  We were too early for the festival, but we checked out some garage sales and then went to the park in Yorktown to play for a while.  Mommy and Daddy kept trying to get all 3 of us in a picture, but we just can’t all 3 look and cooperate for the camera at the same time when there’s so much playing to be done.  We got hungry with all the playing so then we headed to Steak and Shake for lunch.  With full bellies we went back to Lynley’s house and visited with Uncle Paul, Aunt Sabra, Grandma, and Pa for a while.  We had so much fun with Lynley spending the night that she was sad when it was time to go home and she didn’t get to come with us.  We will definitely have to schedule another one of these sleepovers very soon!


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