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A BUSY, BUSY, Monday

Today was a jam packed full day for the Filler family. First we headed to Granny’s house to visit with everyone. Lynley and I ran all over the house. Mommy thought for sure I’d be ready to head home and take a nap so I’d be rested up to head to the fair tonight. She thought wrong. After a half hour of hearing me protest the nap and the fear of me waking Evan up, she let me out of my room. I then stayed up and watched a movie in Mommy and Daddy’s room only to fall asleep at 5:00 and we had to meet at the fair at 6:00. Evan was good to go because he had a 3 hour nap after we got home:). After Daddy got home we all headed down to the fair and met Mamaw, Papaw, Uncle Paul, Aunt Sabra, and Lynley for a night of fun. Lynley and I walked around and scoped out all the rides. Then we decided what rides we wanted to go on. Many times we stayed on the rides after the stopped and the grownups handed over more tickets for second rides. Evan rode his first fair ride tonight. He went with us on the Carosel. He wouldn’t get on one of the horses, so he and Mommy sat on one of the benches. I really didn’t want to have to leave the fair when the tickets were gone so Lynley, Evan, and I got to go play at the park. I went on the really tall slide and the big curly slide this time. Evan went down a couple of little slides and he had fun on the merry go round and baby swing. He wants really badly to do everything that Lynley and I do, but he’s got to get a little bigger! The fun didn’t stop there. After it was time to leave the park everyone came over to our house and we got to show Lynley our sand and water table and our slides. We also did bubbles for a while. We played for a while the grown ups talked and then it was time for everyone to go home and Evan and I to take baths. What a great great Monday! I think Evan and I will sleep REALLY good tonight!


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