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Christmas Break

Yesterday started out awesome. Daddy didn’t have to get me up out of bed at 6 am to make me hurry and get my coat and hat on. I got to wake up on my own and Mommy said we got to stay home until it was time to go for the usual Monday at Grannys. It was special because Mommy, Uncle Paul, and Pa Filler got to come too. Lynley wasn’t feeling very well, but we still got some time in together on the organ. It’s got a high stool, but Lynley and I sure figured out how to climb up there still. After we left Granny’s Mommy said we were going to go have my foot measured. I sure hammed it up in the shoe store:) They have trucks and tractors to play with, stairs to climb, and baloons! What more could you ask for?? Oh, I also got some really cool new tennis shoes. My very first pair of Nikes. After shoe shopping I feel asleep in the car and began my nap. When I got up Daddy, Mommy, and I went to finish some Christmas shopping at WalMart. Boy have we sure been shopping a lot here lately.
Today I went shopping AGAIN with Grandma Hale and Mommy. We went to the Muncie Mall. I sure needed Lynley! I wouldn’t get on the train without her. There was another little girl in the front car so Mommy thought I might ride with her, but she stood in my way and screemed no, so that was it for me, no train ride. Luckily after we did some more shopping Daddy came by to visit me on his lunch and he rode the train with me!! After the mall we had some lunch at Wendy’s and then headed home. Grandma was getting worried when the rain and ice started to come down. I didn’t know anything about it because as usual I fell asleep in the car for my nap. By the time we got home I was ready to go some more. Mommy did some cleaning and she even let me help with the vaccum. Then I decided to go watch some Playhouse Disney while Mommy finished up. Looks like we better stay in tonight because it’s getting icy and slick outside.

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