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Chillin in my Chair

This is the way I like to relax in my chair in the evenings. Especially this week. I’ve had a little bit of a yucky stomach bug. Mommy and Daddy knew something was up because I haven’t been wanting to eat much at all! That’s sure a change for me. I’ve been drinking a lot of pedialyte and resting a lot. Last night instead of going to bed quiet like usual I got some extra snuggle time with Mommy because when she tried to put me to bed I cried and cried. She felt bad since I don’t feel good and got me up and let me watch my praise baby movie. Don’t tell anyone, but she even gave in and let me have my pacifier last night too:) She said not to get used to it though:( Pretty soon I’ll be back to my usual self and have more adventures to write about. Mommy said one more week and she will get to stay home with me for 2 whole weeks! Then we will really have some fun days to blog about!

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