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Counting Down

Can you believe on Saturday I will be one year old? I know Mommy can’t believe that. She keeps telling everyone that I am growing up so fast. That’s what babies are supposed to do I keep telling her. Today was an awesome day. We spent the day at Granny Conner’s. I decided not to nap like I usually do, so we headed over early and Grandma Filler got to go today too. We’ve missed having her over there. The grownups had beef and noodles and mashed potatoes. They kept trying to get Lynley and I to eat, but we were just too busy playing together and trying to figure out how to get behind the tv again. Aunt Sabra headed us off of that one so I made sure to find something else fun to do. Too bad Mommy caught me when I was about to climb Granny’s front porch shelf like a ladder! I’m getting to be a great climber. After we left Granny’s I was really tired and fell asleep in the car right away. When I woke up I was at Mommy’s school laying down in my stroller. Daddy met us over there and they got some work done in Mommy’s classroom. I like playing with Mommy’s big legos when we go there. I keep getting more and more of them out of the bucket. When I got tired of watching Mommy and Daddy hang bulletin board paper we headed out to Texas Roadhouse. You won’t believe it, but I let out a full out scream in there that was louder than their music! I even got my own kiddie meal tonight. I got chicken critters, baked beans, and of course I had lots of pieces of their rolls while waiting for their food. I even had orange juice and I’ve never had that before! It was really good. Daddy drove me home from their and I was sure tired, but made sure I still had enough energy left to play until about 10:o0 pm. Pretty soon I know Mommy and I are going to have to start getting up early, but I’m going to milk the late night playing as long as I possibly can. Tomorrow should be another great day. Mommy is going to babysit Layla again so that means constant entertainment for me all day long.


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